On top of that, we have adopted every possible philosophy that basically says, “shove the square peg in the round hole.”

When I was younger, I was routinely criticized for not being forceful enough. I sincerely didn’t understand why I would need to be aggressive, dominant, or forceful about anything. It always felt like I was screwing up some rhythm that was already established. That’s the reality, and reality is usually ugly, but it is what it is. …

I feel we grieve death in such a selfish way. All we talk about it’s what they could be doing or accomplished. What we miss about them or didn’t get to do with them. We tell the dead to rest in peace for a reason. That’s the only time any of us will ever receive tranquility for more than a passing moment.

I know we all think about how useless and meaningless death makes life feels with its abruptness. It’s an enigma in how it disrupts our emotions even though we all know it's coming. Death gives quick lessons and…

But it also pinpoints how close-minded most of us are to something that is pretty apparent because we want to stick to a stiff and meaningless structure.

I’m not talking nonbinary in the sense of sexuality because that is different spectrum, but I am talking about in the sense of identity. Nonbinary makes a lot of sense to me because everything in life is fluent. Especially with masculinity and femininity since there aren’t mutually exclusive. Social norms have always been a lie, and forever will be. Men should have specific “man traits,” because whatever and women should have specific “women…

You’re Gonna Carry That Weight-Cowboy Bebop

My Quick Little Story

I remember last year my dad wrote me a note apologizing to me. He was apologizing for being a terrible narcissistic dad that broke his family up with his selfish ways. I forgive him long before that note came into life. I notice he was/is a lonely, miserable man with concerning health conditions that burned all the bridges in his life that would make him happy. He’s a man that grew up with an abusive father that torment him and his brothers. So, that’s going to play out in many ways, but it did…

I believe if you have something someone else needs or you can give something, do it. It doesn’t mean give them the world. That is the key to interactions.

The Journey Analogy

I use the metaphor about two people meeting each other on their journey through life to describe human interaction of any kind.

During a journey, two people cross on their paths to wherever each individual has set. One sees the other needs something the other has. So, the person gives what the other needs, nothing less, nothing more. Simply as that. I know, deeeeep.

I believe if you have something someone…

Either way, we should choose to focus on them since they want to make the ultimate ultimatum on their life.

If someone said they have been thinking of committing suicide, your first thought should be, let me hear what this person has to say. The truth is we go through a lot, and what certain people can withstand is always different from yourself.

What’s crazy is we see someone falling apart and ask them have ever thought of others. (Rhetorical Question) Does that make any sense? Those others are supposed to take the victim away from the cliff suddenly. Though…

People live their lives bound by what they accept as correct and true. That’s how they define “reality”. But what does it mean to be “correct” or “true”? Merely vague concepts… Their “reality” may all be a mirage. Can we consider them to simply be living in their own world, shaped by their beliefs?” — Itachi Uchiha


Loneliness plagues tons of people, and they’re some that don’t know they’re being plagued by it. I thought I was one of those people. Worse than that, I didn’t want to leave that loneliness. I was so comfortable in it that my happiness…

First, let’s listen to Vince Staples (One of my favorite rappers, stream his projects) on what black people sell.

Vince Staples: Black People Sell Trauma

To add what Vince Staples is saying what I have also thought we (African-American Community) have always wanted some sort of attention from white people. We want them to validate us, but they’re never going to do that. It doesn’t matter if you’re an uncle Tom, coon, or mister/misses afro-centric it all applies the same regarding wanting their attention. If you don’t want to call it attention,, we can say we want them to empathize with what they did. So…

This is how we operate on this side of the Atlantic; you either like it, love it, or leave!

. What happened in D.C. was the most dangerous group of people (ignorant, entitled white people) doing what they do it. I understand we’re supposed to act shocked and in awe but are we really. It feels like younger generations are finding out we might not be…equal. (shocked face)

I’m always confused by the fake philosophical socioeconomic race questions we ask like we don’t know the answer. So, white supremacists can riot into national monuments with help from the police?! Yes…

I did not write this to be a contrarian. I wrote this article because these are four problems I genuinely am confused about and don’t answer. These are my short, summarized thoughts on these problems as a whole. I’m not necessarily looking to find the answer as much as examing the contradictions or the problems' main problem.

1. The Need for Representation from the Media

I think at a certain age; we understand the entertainment industry. It’s an industry that gives the illusion of reality but makes it’s entertaining, which isn’t bad. Then there are times it tries to take us out of reality; either way, they’re not…

Tre King

Just a guy with some thoughts and no answers.

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