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What Are They Talking About

The pandemic has been hard for all of us but made excruciatingly annoying because people want to be assholes. You know that hypothetical about how the world would come together if we had a common enemy? Welp it's here. The enemy is called coronavirus, or you can call it by…

On top of that, we have adopted every possible philosophy that basically says, “shove the square peg in the round hole.”

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When I was younger, I was routinely criticized for not being forceful enough. I sincerely didn’t understand why I would need to be aggressive, dominant, or forceful about anything…

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First, let’s listen to Vince Staples (One of my favorite rappers, stream his projects) on what black people sell.

To add what Vince Staples is saying what I have also thought we (African-American Community) have always wanted some sort of attention from white people. We want them to validate…

Tre King

Just a guy with some thoughts and no answers.

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